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Arizona Broadband

Investments in Broadband

The Arizona Commerce Authority coordinates broadband development activities in partnership with state and local government stakeholders and the private sector to streamline regulatory hurdles and maximize strategic broadband funding for Arizona.


Reliable, high-speed internet has become an essential element of 21st-century life. It’s as ubiquitous as electricity, water and transportation. Increased connectivity impacts public health and safety, education, health care and transportation across both rural and metropolitan communities. The ACA works to expand the state's digital infrastructure statewide to improve the economy and quality of life of today’s Arizonans.


Arizona has made broadband deployment a top priority.

  • In 2017, legislation was signed making Arizona the first state in the nation to streamline the deployment of technology enabling next-gen 5G wireless communication.
  • In 2019, Verizon announced Phoenix will be among the first 20 U.S. markets to receive the company’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. The launch will strengthen Arizona’s wireless infrastructure, allowing the state to continue paving the way for advances in automated transportation, telemedicine, consumer applications and more.
  • In 2019, the state dedicated a total of $11 million to leverage a combined $110 million in federal E-Rate funding to connect our rural schools and libraries.
  • In 2020, Arizona allocated $3 million in taxpayer funding to again act as grant match dollars to leverage additional federal resources to accelerate broadband deployment in underserved areas.
  • In 2023, Arizona was awarded $993.1 million in federal funding to build infrastructure and expand internet access in rural and historically underserved communities.


Arizona's Broadband Equity, Access and Development (BEAD) Program is the largest broadband investment in the state's history with the principal objective of universal broadband access for all.

  • Ensures high-speed internet is available to every household, business, anchor institution and community within the state.
  • Promotes equity and digital inclusion.
  • Improves Arizona's broadband ecosystem, integrating with the Statewide Middle-Mile
  • Strategic Program and other federal funding programs.
  • Enhances and coordinates Arizona's broadband related investments with other investments in social programs, education, and economic equity and development.




The Arizona Commerce Authority is proud to lead the Arizona Digital Equity Plan, an initiative to promote digital equity and inclusion and ensure that all people and communities have the skills, technology and capacity needed to reap the full benefits of our digital economy.


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Connecting Arizona Engagement Tour

The State Broadband Director and the State Digital Equity Manager will engage with local government officials and community leaders in all 15 counties to gather direct input on the unique challenges facing these individual communities. These engagements are intended to be ongoing each year to ensure collaboration and feedback through the life of the BEAD and Digital Equity Programs.


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Broadband Middle-Mile Strategic Plan

The Arizona Commerce Authority’s Arizona Statewide Broadband Middle-Mile Strategic Plan has led to the creation of the Statewide Middle-Mile Network, which aims to increase broadband service along I-17 and I-19 and future expansion along the additional interstate and state highways. Designated corridors for fiber optic conduit installation for the Middle-Mile Network include 141 miles for I-17 between Flagstaff and Phoenix and 60 miles for I-19 between Tucson and Nogales. Combined, both routes will add 200 miles of broadband conduit by early 2023. Click here to learn more about the statewide initiative.


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