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NATIONAL STRATEGY. INDUSTRY LED. National Semiconductor Economic Roadmap

This first-of-its-kind roadmap is an industry-led initiative designed to advance semiconductor competitiveness and craft a blueprint to future-proof semiconductor manufacturing in the US. More than 80 industry leaders, educational institutions and public sector leaders from states around the nation came together to collaborate and develop the NSER, which outlines goals and objectives across four key pillars: infrastructure, supply chain, workforce, and entrepreneurship.


  • “Arizona’s semiconductor ecosystem is becoming a center of U.S. advanced manufacturing, and Intel is proud to have our hand in driving the actions and investments within the state over the past 40 years to help advance the frontier of semiconductor innovation in the U.S. Intel applauds the publication of the National Semiconductor Economic Roadmap which will help schools and businesses align efforts to build a premier semiconductor workforce for the future in the Silicon Desert and beyond.”  

    intel logo
    Tom Rucker
    Vice President
    Intel Corporation, Technology and Manufacturing Group
  • “TSMC has been a trusted partner to semiconductor innovators for decades, and we are proud to contribute further to the U.S. microelectronics ecosystem through the NSER. As we bring our leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes to the United States, TSMC looks forward to supporting greater alignment among stakeholders including government, industry, and academia in key areas such as supply chain, infrastructure, workforce, and innovation.”

    TSMC logo
    Rick Cassidy
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    TSMC Arizona
  • “At Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. we are committed to continuing to grow our manufacturing, R&D and workforce footprint in the United States. Samsung has a long history of contributing to the U.S. manufacturing ecosystem, with $47 billion invested and 20,000 employees across the nation. We are excited to continue investing in local communities and support the expansion of the semiconductor talent pipeline. We welcome the opportunity to contribute to the National Semiconductor Economic Roadmap and look forward to its advancement.”

    Samsung logo
    Jae Jeong
    Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
  • “As NXP works to accelerate the breakthroughs that advance our world throughout our operations in the United States, we look forward to doing our part to make the NSER’s innovation, supply chain, and manufacturing goals a reality. We applaud the ACA and fellow stakeholders for pulling this vision together – a vision that will attract the next generation of talent to participate in an industry that is enabling the future.”

    nxp logo
    Paul Hart
    Executive Vice President and General Manager BL Radio Power
    NXP Semiconductors
  • “Our vision is to make the United States the world’s leading destination for semiconductor investments and innovation- and NSER is our roadmap to get there. My thanks to all the partners across the country who contributed to this historic, industry-led effort. May it be just one of many steps we take together to bolster U.S. semiconductor competitiveness.”

    Arizona State Seal logo
    Governor Doug Ducey
    State of Arizona
  • “As Arizona’s experience has shown, states are on the front lines of semiconductor innovation. That’s why the ACA took the initiative to convene this first-of-its-kind, industry-led effort. I’m immensely grateful for the time and expertise our many partners have contributed to creating this robust, actionable plan.”

    Arizona Commerce Authority Logo
    Sandra Watson
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Arizona Commerce Authority
  • "The National Semiconductor Economic Roadmap and partnering initiatives nationwide are critical to the advancement of the US semiconductor industry as we explore new materials and architectures to continue to improve power, speed, efficiency, and density of electronic devices. Smaller science and technology companies that have valuable expertise and intellectual property to contribute face enormous challenges on the path to commercialization. The NSER rightly identifies increased and accelerated support for entrepreneurs as a key aspect of meeting the policy objectives of the CHIPS Act. De-risking the journey that entrepreneurs embark on to solve current and future problems of the US semiconductor industry requires providing them with greater access to capital, better tools, and commercial equipment. Scaling superconductive electronics for high-performance and energy-efficient computing as well as sensing applications is possible, but it requires a concerted effort from multiple stakeholders in the semiconductor supply chain. With Arizona poised to be a center of excellence for advanced semiconductor education, manufacturing, and innovation, NSER’s framework is exactly what entrepreneurs need to bring their technologies to market and strengthen domestic capabilities."

    Ambature logo
    Ronald J. Kelly
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Ambature, Inc.
  • “The rebuilding of the semiconductor supply chain domestically is arguably the most critical mission for economic strength and domestic security for this generation. The NSER report addresses all critical aspects of strengthening the US semiconductor industry to ensure investments are aligned with how and when they are needed. Innovation Impact Partners is grateful to Sandra Watson and the Arizona Commerce Authority team, along with Boston Consulting Group, for enabling this industry-led initiative to focus on an holistic approach to addressing the key aspects needed for a successful resurgence of the domestic semiconductor ecosystem, from workforce and infrastructure to supply chain and entrepreneurism.”

    Innovation Impact Partners logo
    Dr. Mark O’Neill
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Innovation Impact Partners
  • “Revitalizing American dominance in the semiconductor industry requires a whole-of-nation approach. That’s exactly what NSER represents. We’ve been privileged to work alongside leaders from all sectors throughout NSER's development and we stand ready to continue working with partners across the nation to advance Arizona's position as a global microelectronics hub.”

    Arizona State University Logo
    Dr. Michael Crow
    Arizona State University
  • “The passage of the CHIPS Act has opened a new era of semiconductor innovation. NSER provides the roadmap to fully capitalize on our growing momentum, aligning strategies for workforce, research, infrastructure, and entrepreneurs. The University of Arizona is proud to partner on this historic effort.”

    University of Arizona Logo
    Dr. Robert Robbins
    The University of Arizona
  • “Northern Arizona University is excited to partner on the NSER roadmap to improve U.S. and Arizona semiconductor competitiveness. The roadmap provides knowledge and guidance to fully optimize aspects of our chips industry, especially in key areas such as workforce and infrastructure. NAU will continue to lend our expertise to further chip innovation nationwide.”

    Northern Arizona University Logo
    Dr. José Luis Cruz Rivera
    Northern Arizona University

NSER is organized into four domains that NSER participants have identified as critical to US semiconductor industry competitiveness.


Define workforce skill and education requirements

Supply Chain

Identify supply chain resiliency solutions


Forecast pre-competitive technical challenges


Analyze the role of early-stage innovators

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